Workshops & Sessions

Find Yourself: Change Your Life A life-changing workshop

Ten-week workshop: The goals of these classes are to offer you an opportunity to experience greater awareness, understanding, healing, and connectivity. Each workshop topic will offer new ways of thinking and living. Put into practice, the learning and insight gained will help you walk through life in a completely different light. The workshops are designed to encourage personal development and self-empowerment - not dependency. The aim is for you to improve your own life-path with new tools. The tools include the power of speaking and thinking in a positive manner, while controlling the negative voice within; the awareness of energy; finding and trusting your intuitive self; understanding the significance of your dreams; and experiencing and believing that universal guidance is available to all of us. The objective for each student is to find the power within, believe from within, take action from within, and to share the knowledge gained to help others when you are ready.


  • Positive Thinking

  • Energy Awareness

  • Trusting Intuition

  • Angel Awareness

  • Dream Interpretation

Fee: $65 per 2 classes or $295 for all 10 classes.

Dates: The Zoom workshop series will begin in January 2021

Location: The Wolfeboro, New Hampshire classes will begin in March 2021

Contact: [email protected] or (603) 569-9912.

Recommended Workshop Books: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay; Ten Secrets to Success & Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer; Intuition audio by Stuart Wilde; Angel Speake by Barbara Mark; The Dream Book by Betty Bethards


Psychics, Medium & Spirit Evenings An evening of Insightful Healing

Are you seeking closure in words left unspoken with loved ones who have passed? Join us for a Psychic, Medium and Spirit Evening (PMS). Each evening is limited to 8 people where everyone receives a reading. Raecine Ardis Delaney and Noreen Lane McDonald will connect each audience member with a loved one and/or close friend who has passed on and bring messages from them. The goal of the evening is to provide those in the audience with insightful healing with messages, signs, and symbols from your loved ones and the knowledge that they are still with you.

Raecine and Noreen have been holding Psychic, Medium & Spirit evenings since 2014 and hold their evenings monthly. If you would like to hear from a family member or close friend who has passed, please make a reservation.

Location: Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Dates: Monthly and with Private Groups by reservation
Fee: $50 per person
Contact: [email protected] or (603) 569-9912

A sign from a loved one
A sign from a loved one

Letting Go of the Past A Weekend Workshop

Releasing the Past; Insightful Healing; and Moving ahead with Clarity and joy.
The workshop will focus on identifying life-stopping points that are known or unknown to us, and that have been stuffed somewhere deep within us. Each participant will be given the opportunity to identify the sources of discomfort/pain, the tools to release those sources, and solutions for moving forward in your future. Participants work one on one in private rooms – no large group processing.

Facilitators: Noreen Lane McDonald, Raecine Ardis Delaney & Jef Fletcher

Dates: Friday & Saturday, April 23 & April 24, 2021 and October 22 & 23, 2021

Location: Drakes Island, Wells, Maine

Workshop Fee: $449. This fee includes the two-day workshop, all homemade meals & snacks, drinks, and all activities

Contact: [email protected] or (603) 569-9912

Private and Semi-Private Classes; Individual Reiki Sessions; and Angel and Medium Reiki Sessions

By appointment only
Contact: [email protected] or (603) 569-9912

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