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Ten week workshop series: Find Yourself, Change Your Life, Wolfeboro, NH
Starting Wednesday evenings April 8, 2020 through June 10, 2020.
Based on interest a day-time workshop series may be added to schedule. Cost: $65 per 2 classes or $295 for all 10 classes.
Fall workshop series will begin on September 2020 .
Brochures/Registrations are available at The Country Bookseller; Carroll County Diabetes, Nutrition Wellness Center, LLC ; Just Teazin Hair Studio; and Reflections Esthetics.

Weekend Workshops: Letting Go of the Past
Friday & Saturday, October 16 & 17, 2020. Drakes Island, Wells, Maine:
Friday & Saturday, April 23 & April 24, 2021 Drakes Island, Wells, Maine:

Psychics, Mediums & Spirits Evenings for 2020, Wolfeboro, NH
Monthly, Six-thirty to Eight-thirty: April 21, 2020 & May and June TBA. Private groups by appointment.  See Facebook: Noreen Lane McDonald for additional dates. $50 per person.

Private and Semi Private Classes/Sessions; Individual Reiki Sessions; and Angel and Medium Sessions
By appointment: to schedule an appointment contact Noreen by email or phone:  or 603.569.9912.

Wedding Officiant / Non-denominational Minister for information please contact Noreen by email or phone:  or 603.569.9912.

For reservations or more information Please phone or email:   603.569.9912,


“Find Yourself, Change Your Life” workshop series starts Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Sign up for this life changing workshop series. This workshop will provide you the tools to create a simpler, easier, and smoother life.  We offer “down to earth” ways to find yourself, and change your life.  Please join us for this next series of workshops!   This next series of workshops begins April 8  and ends June 10, 2020. The classes for each workshop will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM in Wolfeboro Location TBA.  Reading materials may be purchased at The Country Bookseller, Wolfeboro, NH. Please read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay before the first workshop. Reservations required – class size limited to 10.
Each Workshop includes 2 classes.
The fee per workshop (2 classes) is $65.
The fee for all five workshops (ten classes) is $295 (other payment options available)
Contact Noreen by email:  or 603.569.9912.
The workshops/Classes:

  • April 8 & 15: The Power of Positive Thinking: A prerequisite for taking all other classes. How your perception reflects your inner-self and your outlook on life. How words, thoughts and beliefs can transform self-concept. Required reading: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.
  • April 22 & 29: Energy Awareness: Learn how to put an energy shield around yourself to keep from absorbing negative energy and how to help others without being draining yourself.  Ten Secrets to Success & Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • May 6 &13: Developing /Trusting Your Intuition: Learn to understand your intuitive voice and/or messages. Required listening: Stuart Wilde’s “Intuition”. Copies available
  • May 20 & 27: Angel Awareness: Learn to hear, see, feel and/or know your Angels/Guides and how working with your Angels/Guides can improve your life. Required reading Angel Speake byBarbara Mark
  • June 3 & 10: Dream Interpretation: Self-understanding & future insights through your dreams. Required reading: The Dream Book by Betty Bethards

Friday & Saturday, October 16 & 17, 2020
Friday & Saturday, April 23 & 24, 2021
Drakes Island Home/Beach, Wells, Maine  

Letting Go of the Past Workshops
Presented by
Noreen Lane McDonald & Raecine Ardis Delaney & Jef Fletcher

The Goals of these Workshops are:
Releasing the Past; Insightful Healing; and Moving ahead with Clarity and Joy.
The workshop will focus on identifying life-stopping points that are known or unknown to us, and that have been stuffed somewhere deep within us.  Each participant will be given the opportunity to identify the sources of discomfort/pain; the tools to release those sources; and solutions for moving forward in your future.
Participants work one on one in private rooms – no large group processing.

Letting Go of the Past – Agenda
Day One          
8:30 am           Breakfast & Check In
9:00 am           Morning Session: Letting Go: 1
Noon-1 pm      Lunch & Beach Walk
1- 5 :15pm:      Afternoon Session: Letting Go: 2 & New Tools”
5 :15pm:          Break: Beach,  Meditate,  Rest….
6:00pm:           Dinner
7:30 pm           Healing Session
8:30 pm           Energy Circle
Day Two
8:00 am           Beach Walk & Breakfast
9:00 am           Morning Session: The Future!
12-2:30 pm      Lunch & Closing

Workshop Cost: The workshop fee is $449. This fee includes the 2 day workshop, all homemade meals & snacks, drinks and all activities. Early registration by 9/1/20 with $150 deposit is $399. Balance of $249 is due by 10/1/20.

Lodging (separate & affordable) and other information are included in the Registration Brochure. We will also connect you with other participants for sharing lodging. Space is limited to 14 adults so reserve soon!  Location: Large House on the beach on Drakes Island, Wells, Maine.
To reserve a space or for additional information, please contact Noreen McDonald at 603-569-9912 or by email

Letting Go of the Past Testimonials:
“I am so grateful to you for so zealously facilitating the release of my painful trauma and the initiation into my continued healing. You have equipped me with the desperately needed tools to live, rather than merely exist on this earth.  I have been reunited with my heart, soul & inner child and your lessons have strengthened my drive to continue on with purpose.  You have indeed taught me how to courageously confront what lies ahead without being blocked by the crippling fear that had immobilized me. I look forward to continued growth and healing as I fulfill my life.” KT

The “Letting Go of Your Past” workshop was amazing on so many levels! Noreen and crew provided a safe, beautiful, and nurturing space over the weekend that gave ample opportunity for reflection, release of past issues, with room to grow and heal. I think I speak for our group when I say it was a life changing experience, steeped in love and compassionate guidance every step of the way. And, the food was delicious!!  LH

“Believe it or not my shoulder blades never went back to the way they had been before the workshop.  To be honest, I sometimes forget how much they used to hurt.  It is truly amazing how that happened and I thank you all for allowing me to be a part of that experience.  It has helped me in ways that I am not conscious of.  The way that I look at things is different and the way I deal with things has changed.  I used to feel guilty a lot and it will always be there but it doesn’t feel as strong.  I guess it’s the need to please that doesn’t feel as strong.  My life is getting to a peaceful place. Thank you so much for helping me and being a part of that.”  CP

“Thank you so much for one of the greatest experiences of my life! Not only do I feel powerful and strong, but I now truly believe in myself and my abilities, gifts and talents. I don’t know where the next years will take me (or the next hour, for that matter!), but I feel amazing! “JW

Psychics, Mediums & Spirits Evenings

Are you seeking closure in words left unspoken with loved ones who have passed? Join us for a Psychic, Medium and Spirit Evening (PMS). Each evening is limited to 10 people so that everyone can receive a reading.  Raecine Ardis Delaney and Noreen Lane McDonald will connect each audience member with a loved one and/or close friend who has passed on and bring messages from them. The goal of the evening is to provide those in the audience with insightful healing with messages, signs and symbols from your loved ones and the knowledge that they are still with you.

Raecine and Noreen have been holding Psychic, Medium & Spirit evenings since 2014 and hold their evenings monthly. If you would like to hear from a family member or close friend who has passed, please make a reservation, space is limited.
Six-thirty to Nine in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Scheduled: April 21, 2020 and monthly throughout the year. Private groups by reservations. For additional dates please phone or email:  603.569.9912
$50 per person – Limited Seating

To reserve a space or for additional dates and information, please contact Noreen McDonald at 603-569-9912 or by email