Goals, Processes, Outcomes


My goals are to assist you in discovering your spiritual path through your own inner guidance.


My work encourages/supports personal development and empowerment – not dependency.  Your path should not be mine nor anyone else’s, but your own.

Through my sessions, I share ways to

  • Think positively and cancel out your negative voice,
  • Expand your energy to protect yourself from negativity,
  • Trust your intuition,
  • Understand your dreams, and
  • Believe in your Angels and Guides.

My objective for each of you is:

  • To find the power within,
  • To believe from within,
  • To take action from within, and
  • To pass this knowledge onto others when you are ready.

“A successful outcome is one where you are no longer a client or participant but a resource to others – giving back the same things you have received” — Les, Massachusetts


The outcomes of the work I provide are broad in range and scope.  Those mentioned with the greatest frequency include:

  • Newfound personal growth and development
  • Transcending life’s obstacles and challenges
  • Greater inner awareness and self-confidence
  • Spiritual development
  • Intuitive acuity
  • Hope and the capacity for looking at life in a new light
  • The ability to embrace uncertainty
  • An understanding that there is greatness and perfection in everyone

“Without uncertainty and the unknown, life is just the stale repetition of outworn memories.  You become the victim of the past, and your tormentor today is yourself left over from yesterday….”  — Deepak Chopra

“We cannot experience who and what we are without contrast.  And, at the core, we are all perfection, as we are all from the same source.  We have come to this lifetime to experience imperfection, so that, in the end, we can again know perfection.”  — Dixie Yeterian